MmYearX (MmCalendar) Download

MmYearX .. If you are Shwe Myanmar, you will love this Myanmar calendar. It is the most popular & useful 100 calendar app for Myanmar people. What is inside the app?

Display 100+ years English and Myanmar calendar (from 1910 to 2020)
Find your birthday in English or Myanmar by Myanmar date or English date
Save your family and friends’ birthday together with calendar
Write down some notes for your memory
Work without installing Myanmar font nor Internet
Customize app background & adjust font size to suit your eye
Find out the details of Myanmar Calendar: Pyat-tha-dar? Yat-yar-zar? Opote?
View Myanmar Public Holidays & many social events about Myanmar
Myanmar Calendar Widget on home screen

Happy fast. က္ခ believe, like yogurt. The embodiment disclosed in one of the most famous and most က္ခ yogurt. What is it –
1910-2020 roll on fast days.
is not fast food, I may not be around.
fast, On roll.
I like to change the image, Small things like that.
I see the heart. Problems when the mercury Lace. eggs.
gave birth to a young family who is also OK.
The group, I do not want to go there.
How fast is closed, The fast way to see Ben.
Home Screen Widget warrant was OK.

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Myanmar Calendar, Burmese Calendar, is also called Pyatkadain calendar. Pyatkadain calendar plays very important role in daily life in Myanmar. Myanmar Calendar is based on lunar – full moon and new moon. Each Myanmar calendar month represents different festivals which are determined by Myanmar calendar date. As majority of Myanmar people are buddhist, Myanmar Calendar also helps them to indicate the day to take sabbath eggs. You will find it very useful if you stay in Myanmar or you are Myanmar.



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