The ‘A Yay Paw’ application is a mobile application designed to enable effective and timely first aid procedures for all Myanmar people. Every village Every ward Every house Emergency care needs to be provided everywhere.

Here are some tips that everyone should know and understand. Letters written in this application; Pictures Feel free to download and share video files.

Requirements If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us via Facebook or Email below.

Special thanks to the Democracy Clinic and data collectors who kindly allowed the use of first aid methods in the ‘A Yay Paw’ application.

“A Yay Paw” application is to provide easy and effective emergency first aid life assistances for everyone to assist any person suffering from injuries.

Every village, ward, household can learn the basic knowledge of first aid life assistance. We’ll continue to add more information / details that we think will be useful along the way. Texts, images and videos provided in this application can freely be shared among others.

We’d like express our big gratitude towards the Democracy Clinic which let us use the first aid life assistance procedure and volunteer doctors who collected the data to implement this application. GOOGLEPLAY APK


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