All FB Unfriend friends

unfriend all friends in one click

I rate it 1 star cuz idk why but when i log in it’s fine but when i use the unfriend tool it always say “something is wrong” :< I kept on logging out and in but it’s still the same. I also uninstalled it and installed it but it’s all just the same. :(( Can you please fix what’s going on?

my jendeuk is good at everything
its does what it say. if you want to unfriend a bunch of friends here is the app. it is 3 times faster than manually unfriending them. easy to use and waiting time is worth it than tapping 10000 times manually. i hope for more features!great job.

It’s good. It really removes my friends and it pauses for security purposes too. The only problem is, it crashes sometimes but it was really a good app. O can definitely recommend this to my friends

If there’s only less than 1 star to rate this app and that is my rating would be. The ads are annoying and I haven’t even used the app on how it supposed to. Please don’t install this scum app. It’s totally a waste of time.



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