Black Lotus (2023) Reviwes

Black Lotus (2023)

This time, I like the little bit rough
Worldwide kickboxing champion for Killing
Captain, starring Rico Verhoeven
Fans have known since America: Winter Soldier
It’s probably Frank Grillo

The villain in this movie
A good story starring

The short story is…
Matteo, a Special Forces member, joins a theater group
Arrested by thugs, ready to rescue
was writing.

In that operation, for Matteo, his father
He experienced a traumatic event for Wa
Because of this, I lived in the film for many years
It is. But for him to go back to the past and ask for forgiveness
When I went to a family, I ran into a shop
And that family is also wanted by the International Police
If there is a big tragedy because of a big criminal gang
Had to shop again.

So where is Matteo with that gang?
I’m going to face and attack… a special forces member
Thriller about how to save a family member
It’s just a good little action car that you’ll love to see and smell.

File Size —– (566 MB) / (720p) HERE


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