Cherry dismayed Kanpetlet town buck


Proud of your country, there are places like this … very nice … In the past, a big beautiful mountainous Chin State Street, I find it hard to go bad …. Now is not easy to travel the entire trip, but well before there Tour Company will also be arranged in the air … I was the “Arts Guide Travel & Tour” …. Now tell, not the entire train trip directions Chin … cherry and very Kanpetlet town … We proceed from the highest state Victoria (b up to the menu apart before things. ….

In ordinary car or plane before … it’s okay, you can choose a convenient market a long time …. Powered by a small stretch ten VIP Chin-integrated …. Nyaung U from 9:30 … I was so relaxed out in the southern Chin State Kanpetlet town he arrived here to a hotel around 3:00 in the afternoon ….

Kanpetlet night

Kanpetlet Sky Palace Hotel in overnight anyway … gets the early morning knock up menu စုမ် gloves …. Where in all this is that almost all of the hotel … See if the cherry flowers bloom ‘category …. From the morning shift ailments မြူတွေ အေးလိုက်တာမှ even more difficult …. Kanpetlet early, so I turned to the evening in the village found along the way … it’s a cat or dog is also very cute …. Dinner in the village … What was unusual here, let’s salt and sodium because blue …. The mouth and make it easier to know … I go away, I do not have any trouble to eat a lot of small children …. Then back to the hotel together with the accompanying Travel Blogger words at midnight … and laugh are back to your room to sleep …. When I see how the cold seep beyond words … shoes on the floor incredibly modest modest travel over the water ….

Early morning breakfast to climb the mountain … … a long way to the base now and then … but if you can not bike can be rented …. Motorcycle … I have to walk from down in the liver, because a little to alleviate the motorcycle was afraid … afraid … but … getting to the top of the hill for about half an hour ride, going five-minute walk …. Even when he was not yet the end of December … January tree rhododendron flowers and more …. However, the landscape is dark on a lot of mountains … I saw rustling trees are very friendly and a very good story …. Photo taken along the new Lunch Box with time, while going down … of course …. Yet the tree rhododendron flowers bloom early, but the way down the back lane to see a flower plants … …. Trekking down the road along the way … tired, but … Photos very loud music can be fun ….

This small tour guide for more “if I could visit the Travel & Tour” contact telephone number – 09 252929722, 09 252929733 ….


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