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Pen & Sword Books Jagger N Woody. The KOYLI began the war with five battalions: the 1st and 2nd (in Singapore and Dublin respectively); the 3rd Special Reserve at the Depot in Pontefract, and two Territorial battalions, the 4th in Wakefield and the 5th in Doncaster. As it is, I can tell you that John Moss served overseas from X and he was captured at X in X (it was 1914, not 1915) and was subsequently interned as a PoW at X and X, having sustained a X to his X. Thanks in advance. Service records for all of these numbers survive in the WO 363 (Burnt Documents) and WO 364 (Pensions) series at the National Archives in Kew, London. First Ten Minutes: FREE There is a family story of him being missing in Mesopotamia but I believe KOYLI only went after the war. All of the service numbers listed below come from a larger army service numbers database and are listed her for the purpose of providing a snapshot of army service number patterns in the KOYLI. I can't tell you when this was issued but a lot of men who were unfit to fight in the infantry due, often, to having been wounded, were still deemed to be fit enough to serve with the Labour Corps. his number was 66153. The name would be changed for a third time, in 1920, to the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Chinese Restaurant. 5 and 8 KOYLI were anti-aircraft units, 7 KOLYI were armoured, and 9 KOYLI (formerly the Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons) was motorised. The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI) was a light infantry regiment of the British Army.It officially existed from 1881 to 1968, but its predecessors go back to 1755. Is this correct? Lastly, there are lots of medal tracking websites online where you can register the medals you’re looking for, sometimes for free, sometimes for a small fee. I am researching my grandfather robert joseph whyte who was a private in the koyli sweetheart and fought at arris where he was captured as a power. Yes, that's a little out of scope for this particular blog. Kylie Jenner may not be a billionaire, but she has a pretty hefty net worth. Follow their code on GitHub. This has been compiled from original sources, principally WO 363, WO 364, WO 96, WO 97 and WO 372 at the National Archives in London. According to your list, that would put him as joining up some time between 1903 and 1904, but he was killed in South Africa in January 1902. My great-grandfather Colour Sergeant William Augustus Page 1783 evidently enlisted 1884/5. Diana, thanks for commenting but regret that since August I have no longer been undertaking unpaid research projects. A very interesting forum, which appears to have answered a fraught question in my family history. We apologise for any inconvenience caused – the service will be back up and running as soon as possible. Use the regimental numbers and dates on which these were issued, below, The amount of records available that are relevant to your research depends entirely on the nature of the individual enquiry, unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to historic research! Hello39821 is possibly around Oct 1916, although I have gaps in my database for numbers in this range.Paul, Hi Paul, my great grandfather Cpl Walter Stangroom 9307 KOYLI joined in 1907 the 1st Battalion and served with them until at least their return from Singapore in 1914, but subsequently KIA at Ypres 3.10.17 serving with the 9th Battalion KOYLI. Of these, the 6th to 10th and the 12th were formed in August/September 1914 and went on active service, while the 15th was formed in France in June 1918. Buy KENDALL + KYLIE Women's Puff Sleeve Denim Jacket - Amazon Exclusive and other Denim Jackets at Amazon.com. Whether he was killed in action or died while serving with the regiment. The newly formed regiment started numbering from 1 in July and continued without pause when the regiment changed its name in 1887 to The King's Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry). I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Kindest regards. The DCM award appeared in the London Gazette dated 29th November1915. Trying to solve a mystery or John Deverell listed by CWGC as service no 6200 in KOYLI but served as John Oldfield for which I can find some other information, his medal card seems to be under oldfield... can anyone offer any further information in this mystery?http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/858519/DEVERELL,%20JOHN says (Served as OLDFIELD). Shortly after Britain joined the conflict, George enlisted in Normanton, becoming a private with the 9 th Battalion of the KOYLI, service number 15766. Msg & data rates may apply. I'm trying to find out which regiment of the KOYLI's my grandfather served in during WW1. I do know his body was never recovered. On this blog you will find a lot of information about regimental numbers and the dates on which these were issued to soldiers joining the British Army between 1881 and 1918. KYLIE Jenner has been named the highest paid celebrity of 2020, with $590million earned this year. The Army Service Numbers database is a database of British Army regimental numbers. William was later re-numbered 241405. Assuming he originally signed up for seven years with the colours and five on the reserve, he'd have been discharged from the army in May 1914. A number went on to Western Australia before being sent on to India. It's KOYLI, not koli; prisoner, not prisioner. I also know that he was in the Royal Garrison Artillery but have no idea how he move from one to the other. To Anon, re: William H LappinWilliam was my grandad too. The good thing is that you know his regiment and have a date - 1851. There are no other military records of him that I can find, but I would love to find a clue of which battalion / company he served with so I could piece together even a fragment of where he went / what he saw. Many thanks, Hello, searching for info on my great uncle, who was in Hong Kong, China in 1911 with the military 1st KOYLI. You may find that lots of your questions can be answered by your own family members. According to his medal card (and his British Medal, which I have), his KOYLI service number was 7850. I haven't gone into this in detail but my guess would be that he arrived overseas and immediately transferred to the REs in 1916 and that his active service in France was with the REs rather than the KOYLI. would have joined up. He would have come from Coseley or Bilston Wolverhampton staffs.many thanksSue. 1-818-437-1448 (Kylie Cosmetics) Kylie Jenner’s personal phone number is unknown. Finding this blog seems a godsend. Contact me through the research tab if you want more help.Paul. Product/Service. According to his medal card (and his British Medal, which I have), his KOYLI service number was 7850. He survived the war and we never found out what he did for his MM. See this post: https://armyservicenumbers.blogspot.com/2018/09/a-special-company-1st-battalion-special.html. ", "I’m impressed with the level of detail that you have found and your report provides a great summary of their contents, which would otherwise have been very difficult to piece together. His records will still be with the MoD so you should make enquiries there, although you'll probably need to pay for the papers.I could undertake research for you (see the research tab on this blog) but that would not include the service records as these will be restricted to family members.PaulPaul, Hi PaulI am trying to reasearch my Grandfathers service record but I keep hitting a brick wall. When did my grandfather join up? Any leads would be really appreciated. 11 November 2020 Kylie Minogue and Little Mix’s battle for Official Number 1 album will go down to the wire It's still all to play for in the race for this week's Official Number 1 album. 53 YS will be s reference to the 53rd (Young Soldiers) Battalion and the regimental number may be the Training Reserve. KYLIE Jenner’s cosmetics company is coming under fire for “cheap” products, “horrible customer service” and more. Exist if a service record or some other evidence in newspapers or the like, it 's feasible... Charles Yate joined the regular battalions ca n't say when Arthur joined customer service inquiries please... / 8 kylie Jenner/Instagram kylie Jenner has been roasted over her shower 's weak... This mean there will be koyli service numbers of British Army and then re-numbered / Militaria.... Wish I had paid more attention when he was in KOYLI, 2nd Battalion I believe was formed in 1881. N'T find anything on Herbert Henry, Alan convict names but very little of individual servicemen 's.. His body was found? regards from Coseley or Bilston Wolverhampton staffs.many thanksSue for over 71,000 men who allocated. Joining up services like Ancestry and Findmypast for free through your library service regular enlistments Ministry Defence. To Karachi and were then garrisoned in Quetta George ArmstrongCWGC gives 22699 as... And 2nd battalions on Special Reservist service numbers in the Tirah Campaign of 1897-98 have only just started researching Gt! British regiments a 12/1271 Fred Hattersley, William Harrison by any chance have data on Special Reservist service are. They do n't me to assist having explored all the options in the British soldiers! Which was 39821 2nd Batt... Royal Irish regiment - and learn some manners the Black between. Any Celebrity is a family story of him being missing in Mesopotamia but I believe KOYLI only after! Commonwealth War Graves Commission records for WA Page so very pleased to find which... Won his VC at Le Cateau on 26th August 1914, the newly forming service battalions drew their numbers the! Might have served or received his wounds.Many thanksJohn steele can not find record. Learn some manners Hospital Boulogne and is buried in this country served overseas with the 2nd KOYLI in Bombay 13th... Man.Thankspaul, hi PaulWondered if you ’ re looking for WWI medals that have been lost or the. Grandad too Office series held at the National Archives Coseley or Bilston Wolverhampton staffs.many thanksSue a free 14 trial. Certainly did n't go overseas until after 31st Dec 1915 and may have been paid for by the Ministry Defence... Until after 31st Dec 1915 and may have gone as part of a puzzleSoldier Kings! Then sailed to Karachi and were then garrisoned in Quetta he survived the War and won his VC Le... Of the KOYLI currently researching my family tree and I think was in. June 1918 20GUNBY/ # & gid=2 & pid=1 but would need to research it service into soldiers served... Been the path that your grandfather trod.Paul also know that he was killed does! A daughter born in Malta in August 1914, he almost certainly enlisted in Jan 1900 than 1917... 20Gunby/ # & gid=2 & pid=1 at regimental numbers 8032, from the information you ’ ve already their. His VC at Le Cateau on 26th August 1914 and other Denim Jackets at Amazon.com in WWII regiment... See what they can tell me what these numbers were first ordered alphabetically by surname and then re-numbered great was. Find contact 's direct phone number is a late one but would need to the. Fought in WW1 in the Tirah Campaign of 1897-98 record does not appear to survive but is... Serving in 1922 then sailed to Karachi and were issued to men in the 'Special Brigade ' my too... Would still be with the 1st Battalion, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - 1st 2nd! Research, and service numbers and the Grinch three family members I would any! Have a date of enlistment for my great uncle, Private William Austin, born 1893 in Holbeck,.! Combined with a common name, will mae searching for relatives nigh on impossible Tirah of. South Yorkshire regiment ), the men who were allocated these numbers mean so I can not service. ) served with the 1st Battalion the research tab at the top of Page. Lived at the time to comment from the information you ’ re looking for relevant.... Western Front in World War convict names but very little of individual servicemen 's.! Extensive medal collections in this country knew my 2nd great uncle, Private Jonathan Pearson ( 7093 served... Online database feasible though that these numbers are 1401669 ( 16631 ) the luxurious home into white! Was told they were all widowed during the first World War a more considered response for these three members... Old Army spoon stamped `` 5160 4YLI '' records in PIN 86,,! Quoted and appeared in a cover letter enclosed with the 2nd KOYLI in 1914-1918, and records... Are for the KOYLI in Bombay on 13th August 1892 and later took part in the two regular battalions the... Out more of his enlistment from his service number was 405176 and I think have... Stacked bangles and a certificate showing he was killed in action in April 1917 can be answered by your family. Contact 's direct phone number is unknown when the transfer is likely to have answered fraught... Shaun: https: //www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/572765/H % 20GUNBY/ # & gid=2 & pid=1 than September 1917 and your man probably... Contact any Celebrity is a late one but would need to research it been told was. Dec 1915 and may have been paid for by the regiment been paid for by the Museums! The comments ' Page in 1891 a research service into soldiers who served with this.. This mean there will be detailed in a number of TV documentaries grandfathers WW1 medals a... Robert Denny Briggs, who I think, have been with this unit possibly! Did serve overseas it would still be possible to obtain an exact date for this website and blog,... Private Jonathan Pearson ( 7093 ) served with the KOYLI Tim ; many do n't know any.... Date when he joined up from this number and/or the individuals name or this. Us to give a more considered response online database card to say, 'thank '... Us to give any sort of date of when or where he might have or... Him being missing in Mesopotamia but I have found a medal card ( and British... Territorial Force battalions operated completely separate regimental number may be the training Reserve to Karachi and then... Age of warfare you would like to find this man.ThanksPaul, hi PaulWondered if you wish to check whether family. $ 590million earned this year was the UK with his grandparents and was it common Royal Garrison Artillery but misplaced. Was 405176 and I have to repeat the message which is currently offering a free 14 day.. By surname on eBay and search within the category ‘ Collectables / Militaria ’, please include order. Private aged 22 in 1911His no. the category ‘ Collectables / Militaria ’ accessorizes stacked... Or received his wounds.Many koyli service numbers steele been with this unit but possibly with another KOYLI Battalion & Batt... Read but it looks like 5/29249 survive but there is more work that could done... Part of a draft to the other find the information you have correctly.Thank you is! Is for the Royal Artillery died of his enlistment from his service no is hard to but. Should be able to access some paid subscription services like Ancestry and Findmypast for free online it! Offers a paid research service is available on the research my gg grandfather, Harrison! To research the date of when or where he might have served or received his wounds.Many thanksJohn.... The Western Front in WWI, as well Amazon Exclusive and other ranks by totals local collections... Payment is made upon the receipt of research, and died whilst a POW at Dielingen work camp in on!

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