Cut Out FunnyImage

Simple and easy to use
The cutting speed is reversed, the function is simple and easy to learn, leaving every wonderful moment.

· “Cut” to quickly and freely split the video, cut the video with one click.
· “Speed” 0.2x to 4x, freely control the pace of the rhythm.
· “Reverse” the time backwards and experience different videos.
· “Canvas” switches between various ratios and colors.
· “Transition” supports multiple effects such as cross-melting, flashing black, erasing, etc.

Sticker text
Exquisite and beautiful stickers and fonts to add some fun to your video.

· “Stickers” exclusive design hand-painted stickers, there is always a small mood for you.
· “Font” multiple style fonts, subtitles, titles you choose.

Rich and nice
Douyin’s exclusive music library, massive music makes your video more “sound” moving.

· “Music Library” is a massive music library with exclusive vibrato songs.
· “Voice” changes to “Voice” Loli, Uncle, Monster…

Senior looks good
Professional style filter, easy beauty with one click, make life become a big movie in one second.

· “Filter” a variety of advanced professional style filters, so that the video is no longer monotonous.
· “Beauty” intelligent facial recognition, customized exclusive exclusive beauty program.


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