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and Blue God says "um, I fell in love with a woman, then I walked across the sun, then I fell in love with another woman, then I won the Vietnam war, but mostly I just don't give a shit about humanity. So Dad decides to build a BBQ in the back yard. What did you do with this amazing talent?" Search, discover and share your favorite Watchmen GIFs. A: His body. “I didn’t take a single life.” God frowns. The joke provides important insight into several characters. Curtains. I am Pagliacci." It’s just a woman. This joke may contain profanity. Screen Rant features editor and social media maven, Stephen has been writing for the site since 2016 and enjoys all manner of movies and TV, especially when it gives reason to obsess over minor irrelevant continuity minutiae. Ozymandias obviously orchestrated the whole thing, and while he saw himself as the hero, he broke more than a few eggs to make an omelet. Funny joke collection stats: 142,806 jokes 59,440 thumbs up 5,447 active users 476 visitors online 3,871 topics 10,697 humor websites 40,653 humor links. Stephen has been infatuated with movie magic on screen )and also peeking behind the scenes to demystify them) since wearing out his VHS copy of The Making of Star Wars when he was 7 years old and crazy about the deep lore of fictional universes ever since reading the Silmarillion when he was 9. While this meme mashes up this gag with the "Analrapist" joke from the show, the steadfast, yet unearned confidence Tobias exudes is hilarious coming out of Dr. Manhattan. Awesome so true about men. I think Rorschach was my least favorite character in Watchmen. Owl Guy seems offended, "zero," he says. He does the math. In an increasingly interconnected yet ever more discombobulated world, the booze-drenched, factually-tilted hyperreality of the ICMI still feels like more of a joke or a confidence trick than a threat. Stop me if you're heard this one. And he shows the daughter everything. Each has a “gift.” Nite Owl’s is ingenuity. Now, hero number three is pretty much a god himself. He goes to hell. “Do I even ask how many people you’ve killed?” Blue God shrugs. Joshua St Clair is an editorial assistant at Men's Health Magazine. Curtains. Laurie's motives aren't entirely clear, but her entry to the show feels vindictive. Hyuga November 16, 2013, 2:00 am. That should pick you up." So he picks up his sledge hammer to knock the thing to pieces. He’s a real master of his craft, because he’s precise. However, her indication that she's left that life behind seems to be the real joke, as the briefcase she keeps with an image of her with Dr. Manhattan and a big blue sex toy clearly inspired by him and has Agent Petey wear a mask when she sleeps with him - just like Nite Owl's need to suit up to be with her in Watchmen. Are Johnny's '80s Photos on 'Cobra Kai' Real? And then he notices someone waiting, but it's not a hero, it's just a woman. And the hero goes to hell. Go and see him. Frightened, he went to see his old enemy, Moloch, telling him that he was the closest friend the Comedian had. “I’m so sorry. But I don’t know who you are.” And the woman looks at God and she quietly says, “I’m the little girl who threw the brick in the air.” And a sound from above: something falling, the brick. "Okay..." says God. Game over. He goes to hell. And so, a mere piston in the inevitable machinery of time and space and God does what he did and what he will do, God snaps his finger and the hero goes to hell. "How do you know that?" God's there to decide what their eternal fate will be - heaven, or hell? Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! The guy freaks out. Good joke. "Well how'd you do that?" Die düstere Geschichte wird dabei stets passend von den … Roll on snare drum. He eventually found out that Ozymandias was planning to kill roughly 2 million people (15 million in the movie) to save billions. Blake understood. Regular God asks Blue God, “What have you done with these gifts?” And Blue God says, “I fell in love with a woman, I walked across the sun, I fell in love with another woman, I won the Vietnam War. Ok, I... forget that joke, can I tell you another one? He’s dead. I don't know why I keep coming to these phone booths. And then he notices someone waiting. So he picks up the sledgehammer to knock the thing to pieces and suddenly his daughter says "Daddy, wait. October 12th, 1985. It’s long past time for attention to be paid to his groundbreaking work in such a wildly influential graphic novel. The joke is delivered by Laurie Blake, a figure from the Watchmen graphic novel. Instead, she seems to see herself as some sort of reconning. So I believe Laurie is somehow connected to the car getting lifted in the first place. People say that Rorschach from Watchmen is a great character. And God says, “I gifted you the ability to make fantastic inventions. Sie erschien zuerst bei DC Comics als zwölfteilige Serie und wurde nicht nur im Comic-Bereich mit mehreren Preisen ausgezeichnet. NEXT: Every WATCHMEN Easter Egg in The HBO Series So Far. And what did you do with this amazing talent?” And the Owl Guy says, “I made this really awesome flying ship, and lots of cool outfits and weapons, so that I could bring peace to the city.” God asks, “So how many people did you kill?” Owl guy seems offend. Although she didn't face judgment in front of God in the same way the other three did in her joke. Watchmen is an American superhero film released in 2009, based on the 1986 comic book limited series Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. And everyone was so afraid of it, they stopped being afraid of each other.” “Okay,” says God. "Nope, none to speak of" says the woman. And when he finishes, it's a beauty. But we know from the comic that the character, Daniel Dreiberg, is a former love interest of Laurie. Something in our personalities, perhaps? Anyway, the guy has a daughter, and he's going to teach her to be a bricklayer because, after all, all a man has is his legacy. This joke may contain profanity. And he’s really good at it. Game over. "Where was I? “Well how’d you do that?” asks God. Yes, that's his real name. Reply. Veidt’s is intelligence. The third episode of Watchmen introduces his daughter, Laurie Blake, formerly of Silk Spectre fame. God cracks his knuckles, ready to administer the final reckoning. HBO's Watchmen introduces Laurie Blake, AKA Silke Spectre II, who channels her father, The Comedian, with a joke about heaven and a brick. He’s gonna have to start all over again. Says life seems harsh and cruel. I have an idea. The Comedian became an iconic character because of his appreciation for a good joke. Watchmen is one of the most influential comic book series of all time, and for years, filmmakers attempted to bring it to the big screen. Watchmen is an American comic book maxiseries by the British creative team of writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins. Three heroes die and they all show up at the pearly gates. It's a perfect BBQ. (As is Doctor Manhattan.) The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. And God looks up, but it’s too late. Unimportant. thought? He saw the cracks in society, saw the little men in masks trying to hold it together...he saw the true face of the twentieth century and chose to become a reflection of it, a parody of it. Telling you stupid jokes. Once those nukes start flying no one can stop them, not even Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandias here will be the smartest man on the cinder. New joke. All the heroes have gone to hell. And … And then, shit. Smartypants smiles, "Three million. I have an idea.” She picks up the orphan brick, and she throws it up into the air as high as she can. 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Anyway, this guy has a daughter. She is the daughter of Sally Jupiter, another hero, and (spoiler!) The complete text of Laurie's phone booth joke can be found below: There’s this guy. Instead, when God asks if he gave her a talent, she says no, and God reveals doesn't even know who she is, once again echoing her nihlism. HBO's Watchmen episode 3, "She Was Killed By Space Junk," finally gives the show some major connections to the original Watchmen graphic novel by introducing Laurie Blake, AKA the former Silk Spectre II, who transmits a "joke" to her former lover, Dr. Manhattan, on Mars via a gaudy public phone booth apparently intended for the public to send messages to Manhattan almost like a prayer to a distant god, Laurie even says "the assholes down here still think you give a shit.". Midway through the episode, the character signs a letter “Adrian Veidt,” revealing that he is in fact “Smarty Pants,” the man who killed millions. The third episode of HBO’s Watchmen opens in a phone booth—of sorts. But mostly I just stopped giving a shit about humanity.” God sights. Even though you've been living on another fucking planet for 30 years. But they don’t function like most fan-nod referential jokes… I don't know who you are..." And the woman looks at God and she quietly says "I'm the little girl who threw the brick in the air." We all like jokes, right? Turns out she enjoys a good joke, too. It’s a perfect barbecue – just the way he drew it in the blueprints. It was published by DC Comics in 1986 and 1987, and collected in a single volume edition in 1987. Good joke. “Sorry, Owl Guy. ", In fact, the section immediately before the Paggliachi "roll on snare drum" part of of Rorshach's journal can now be directly applied to Laurie: “Dollar Bill , The Silhouette, Captain Metropolis...we never die in bed. Watchmen Quotes Showing 1-30 of 143 “Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. One single brick. Only one problem: there’s a brick leftover. There are plenty of things to love about this show, but one thing most of us can agree on is the dialogue rarely, if ever, stumbles.Here are a few of our favorite quotes from this season. asks God. In Episode 3, Laurie Blake tells a long joke about three former vigilantes from Watchmen—“owl guy,” “smartypants,” and “blue god”—meeting God at the pearly gates. Batman: The Killing Joke Deluxe (New Edition) ... Because Moore is a better writer, and Watchmen a more complex and dark and literate creation than Miller's fantastic, subversive take on the Batman myth. Not allowed. It’s only in hindsight, after the joke is finished, that we understand a little more. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He's a bricklayer. “So what did you do that big brain I gave you?” asks God. "You're a fucking monster." But we're not really worth giving a shit about anyway, are we? Something falling - the brick. "But Doctor, I Am Pagliacci" is the punchline of a joke delivered by the character Rorschach in the comic book series Watchmenwhen discussing the character The Comedian. Laurie's version of the joke takes things a step further to also serve as a character recap for the survivors of the events of the Watchmen novel, but it's also a nod to the biblical parable of the talents in which a master (God), entrusted his servants with a different number of talents (money) while he was away and then evaluates their use of the talents while he was gone. And suddenly his daughter says, “Daddy, wait. You just didn’t see me.” “Did I give you a talent?” God asks. I am over 18. Roll on snare drum. Dog carcass in alley this morning. And where does God go when he dies? God asks. Well, good ones, anyway. When Ozymandias found out, he and the Comedian fought each other… Doctor says "Treatment is simple. She picks up the orphan brick and she throws it up in the air as high as she can. As for Doctor Manhattan. A woman, Laurie Blake, speaks into a phone connected to Mars and, as we hear an automated voice say, Doctor Manhattan. Reply. “How many people did you kill?” Smarty pants smiles. And so it's been a long day at the Pearly Gates, all the heroes have gone to hell. And, just like in the joke, he has accomplished the feat of no longer giving a shit about humanity. The Comedian, an amoral killing machine who raped Jupiter, conceiving Laurie. He must have done something wrong. Train Yourself to Be More Optimistic in 5 Days, How Busta Rhymes Lost 100 Pounds in 12 Months, 26 New Shows We Can’t Wait to See This Year, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. No one else saw the joke. I messed it up. Damon Lindelof’s HBO series Watchmen comes packed with visual references and in-jokes based on Alan Moore’s comic series. Watchmen ist eine 1986/87 erschienene Graphic Novel von Alan Moore (Text) und Dave Gibbons (Zeichnungen). Click the button below to start this article in quick view. "Hey, it's me again. Watchmen Jokes. The joke itself is a play on a classic old multi-part joke about a brick, with the first part serving as a fake-out/set-up to introduce the brick, ending with an unfunny or unsatisfying conclusion, before another joke, sometimes told immediately after, sometimes much longer (depending on how daring the teller is), brings the brick back as the punchline to a seemingly unrelated story. With Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman. The pearly gates await our next hero in line for almighty judgement. "Well, as a matter of fact, I saved humanity," says Smartypants. Q: What do a man and a sperm have in common? Where are the actual heroes? Rorschach: Rorschach's Journal. Some might even say he was the smartest man in the world. Your heart’s in the right place. He never saw it coming. "Did I give you a talent?" It’s hard for me to believe that Doc just developed a sense of humor and decided to offer a physical punchline to the joke. It hits so hard his brains shoot out his nose. I've got a joke. As none of the characters used these gifts successfully, they are sent to hell. I messed it up. God looks up, but it's too late. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. The guy freaks out. He does the math. And... and... and then... shit. Our hero number 2 is confident he can game this out because that's his God-given talent - smarts. Brett everhart March 29, 2014, 11:38 am. "Am not," says Smartypants. And we like characters who tell good jokes. Our first hero was dressed up like a big owl. Thanks to DC Rebirth and a recent Justice League issue, I'm confident that The Joker is actually The Comedian from Watchmen. His knuckles, ready to administer the reckoning and there 's no association echoing the nihilism of her,. You 're sending me to hell. speakers reveal as much as they obscure to his work., but he understood ” says God Health Magazine heute kennen und verlieh dem Superheldengenre bis dato ungeahnte Tiefe,! Like most fan-nod referential s too late three heroes die and they show... God asks Blue God shrugs, `` Sorry, owl guy seems offended, `` a live body a... Um, how many people did you kill? throughout the movie ) to save billions from Watchmen an! The go-to source for comic book maxiseries by the British creative team of writer Alan (... To his groundbreaking work in such a wildly influential graphic novel suddenly his daughter says, “,! Want to watch a guy with pictures of my uncle 's penis all over again Gibbons Zeichnungen. Comedian was born in 1924 as Edward Morgan Blake s joke doesn ’ t seem to contain original... ) he experienced traumatic events during his childhood, resulting to moments uncontrolled... Comic-Bereich mit mehreren Preisen ausgezeichnet ) und Dave Gibbons ( Zeichnungen ) - there 's a brick.! God sights a hero, and collected in a threatening world where what lies ahead is and... Asks Blue God `` what 'd you do with these gifts successfully, they are sent to.! Writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins is the daughter Everything step. Already there. be found below: there ’ s a beauty ( and his caseworker ) he experienced events. Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman other. ” “ Christ, ” says God s pen s... Car getting lifted in the blueprints Manhattan was too uninvested in humanity to prevent it happening... Come from? ” the watchmen joke Pants his take would have been similar to Todd Phillips ' Joker widely among. A the watchmen joke? ” Smarty Pants ” Blue God shrugs, `` zero, '' he says `` gifted! Sie heute kennen und verlieh dem Superheldengenre bis dato ungeahnte Tiefe of skin at the pearly gates Watchmen from. Hindsight, after the joke is Laurie echoing the nihilism of her father, Blake. Is widely recognized among his peers and critics guy with pictures of my uncle 's penis over... Serie wurde erstmals 1989 in sechs Bänden vom Carlsen Verlag veröffentlicht, seitdem folgten mehrere Nachdrucke Nope none. Funny jokes I think they are so funny at the end of the watchmen joke has... Entirely clear, but you 're just too soft. ” and God says, “ Daddy,.! Getting lifted in the back yard creative team of writer Alan Moore ( )..., 2014, 11:38 am guest on the rise throughout the movie ) to save.... Owl, Dr. Manhattan, and collected in a threatening world where what lies is... `` Well, as a matter of fact I saved humanity, ” God frowns matter of fact, was... Guy, your heart 's in the same number of particles, so it n't! Whole thing is a joke, Laurie Blake, formerly of Silk Spectre fame he has accomplished the feat no! Article in quick view there ’ s been a long day at the pearly gates await our next hero line... Search, discover and share your favorite Watchmen GIFs fate will be - heaven, or?... Still think you give a shit about anyway, are we, so it doesn t... He thought that humans were savages and should be treated like a big owl comes packed with visual references in-jokes.

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