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Sometimes it happens that our important items or files get deleted and that’s why we have to face a lot of consequences because of these files. If you are facing the same issues and have to manage a lot of different and important files in your mobile device then you need to get the app called Diskdigger. It is an app that provides the authority to retrieve the deleted files on your mobile device.

It is not only able to do this but it can also protect all the different files that you have in your mobile phone. It saves the files in the cloud storage so that if any file gets deleted in your mobile device you can retrieve it later. This app also allows you to manage your mobile storage efficiently as it can easily scan the useless files and delete them from the storage and it also helps you to search different files on your mobile device so that you do not lose much of the time looking for different files.

What is the Diskdigger app?

Most of the time it happens that we lose some of our important files because of the short memory of our mobile device and because of this we have to face a lot of consequences in our professional life. If you do not want to face such situations then you can download the diskdigger app as it is an amazing application that will help you to retrieve all the deleted files in your mobile phone and it also protects the already present files in your mobile from getting deleted. This app also helps you to manage your mobile storage.

What is the Diskdigger Pro MOD APK?

Diskdigger app also has a professional version that can help you to even protect the different files in your laptop as well. But this premium version is not free to use. You need to spend money to use this premium version. If you do not want to spend money to get the premium version of Diskdigger for free you can download Diskdigger Mod APK. In this hacked version you can use all the amazing features of this app for free.

What does the Diskdigger Do?

Diskdigger allows the user to backup all their files in the cloud storage so that if they ever get deleted from the mobile phone they can easily retrieve it from the cloud storage and it also allows you to manage your mobile phone easily. It provides you with the scan that can remove all the unnecessary items from your device and free up the space.

How can I retrieve the files with the help of Diskdigger?

To retrieve the files in your device you first need to click on the mobile category that you want to retrieve. For example if you want to retrieve the pictures then you need to click on the gallery. By doing so you will get some options, click on the Retrieve option and all the deleted photos will come back into your device.

Features of the Diskdigger app

Secure your important files

Diskdigger is extremely useful for the people who want to secure the important files in their device.

Recover lost items

If you accidentally lost any of your important files then you can easily recover it with the help of the diskdigger app.

Scan your device

Sometimes the unwanted files gather into your mobile device that takes a lot of space. With the help of diskdigger you can easily scan your mobile and delete the unnecessary items.

Manage Storage

You can easily manage the storage in your mobile device If you are using the Diskdigger app as it helps you to backup your important files in the cloud storage.

Find different files easily

You can apply filters in this app to search for a particular file. In this way you do not need to spend much time looking for different items.

Features of the Diskdigger Pro MOD APK

Unlocked Pro

The pro version of the diskdigger app is completely unlocked in this hacked version.

Free to use

Diskdigger Mod APK is completely free to use and download.

No interruptions

If you are using diskdigger Mod APK than there will be no interruptions like mobile hanging or any other glitches.


Diskdigger is a productivity tool for those people who need to manage a lot of important files in their mobile device and to secure these important files they can use diskdigger as it will create a backup for all the important files in the cloud storage. To get the pro version of this app for free you can download Diskdigger Mod APK.


Q. How to delete files from Diskdigger app?

To delete the files from diskdigger permanently you need to click on the cleanup option.

Q. Does Diskdigger remove the cache items?

Yes, Diskdigger allows you to identify and delete the cache items.