Do not forget the items in advance to avoid the rainy season flu prevention

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The rainy season is the most common flu season. Stagnant humid rainy season is easy to spread germs. cough, Turn a blind eye, Since sneezes and colds cause seasonal influenza. If the worst kind of difficult to treat an influenza can be critical to. So, if before the preventive materials. Heed the illness to avoid the rainy season, next to Avoid / central processor to share some facts.

  1. Carry wherever umbrella models

Rain in the rainy season, I think the sun helps your body temperature suddenly changed because of a cold and ill feeling. That’s because wherever umbrella models of sun and rain should be selected halo.Eat nutritious

The rainy season has become unwell, The flu is an essential prerequisite to strong. Eat nutritious meals and good health is your tie to protect them from infections and the immune system. So, if children were hot soup consumption and intake of food rich in vitamin C, it should.

Hand washing is the simple, but who will protect you from virus infection is one of the best ways. Simplification, because too much attention to either. That’s because not forget to wash hands clean. Wash hands when soap and rub all need a thorough clean after washing.

Drinking warm water when the rain is warm and protect them from the cold fever is a good way. Mon, which add a little squeeze to 6 cups a day – 8 cups of water to fill drinking water. The hot water in your body’s blood circulation and improves the immune system.

The rain was dripping wet clothes when microbes infect your body are invited to dance. It is no longer wet clothes. Keep extra clothes when outside.

Roadside food chains are in the rainy season is a good shield you avoid as much as possible. The meals are prepared to travel outside the easy spread of contagious diseases, pests in the fields. Avoid a result as possible to avoid influenza illness.

Stagnant rainy wet outside flap ာ Infect quiet bunch, but should be avoided where possible. When inevitably also being used to mask it and get home, or when you eat food, wash clean.

Vitamin C to prevent colds effectively. It is full of vitamin C supplement food consumption declines, Vitamin C is a medical and joined letters fill should do it.

Environment, where you reside Your home may be due to mosquito breeding dirty can be transmitted through infected mosquitoes. Also, stagnant dirty wet where infectious diseases spread more simply a parasite. So, if you should be set to clean up the environment.