From 1,500 miles away to beat the guy who has committed adultery but saw

I love it just means, so that the very act of infidelity behind the fun is not the case. Anyone who loved to enjoy enough to see the other attached to a job. Now, spread a small news on Twitter.

According to the post on Post text suits the boy away from girlfriend, wearing a teddy bear comes to oil. He miles 2400 kilometers (1491 miles) from afar to come to meet me. Wright came to himself, but actually lost nonetheless.

His girlfriend, and when they see that I’m the other one that were very dumb. Off a stocking cap and a teddy bear daze gaze would go. She said someone noticed him when you go boy and scared.

The boy bear the major bases of bases out of turn to say no. To cover the tears from his stocking cap sleeve. Although she was pulling behind putting the tap, he continued to walk. She has been forced to respond, but he did not leave much. What happens then they would, they would be the two best.

This story happened in China. Boy girl birthday surprise, did not come about. Boy at the mercy of those images that have Weibo first. Comment was also unfaithful woman forsaken Do not forgive to give comfort.

Whether they think this story has a movie. In fact, the outside world is also faced with many being less terrible betrayal ailments. When faced really ချစ်တဲ့သူကို forsaken factually it is very difficult. But confidence, like a mirror. Collide, it will be difficult to continue. If you continue pursuing the cracks mirror useless life to go with me.

Be assured it really does not betray love will never leave. Do not love who do not sympathize with the need to release. Actually, this is actually a little longer to make sure that the traitor. Just a wonderful lovers who really leaves you no longer need. You know that story later regret.

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