GAZAR MM Gamer Player

GAZAR is the 1st mobile live streaming platform for mobile gamers that operated by Myanmar company.
You can enjoy watching live streaming among plenty of latest famous games!
Also, you can broadcast yourself as same as pro streamers do through GAZAR.
We believe you gonna love this new sharing experience via mobile and show off your talent to others.
GAZAR is a free game streaming and game community app. Create your profile, meet other gamers with same vibes and enjoy GAZAR together. You don’t need to prepare PC equipment to become a streamer.

Feature highlights:
– Pro Streamers’ NEW Game Play via live streaming and videos
Check it out exclusive live streaming and contents on GAZAR! There are many unique contents such as Tips and Trick videos and celebrity interviews. There are over 4,000 unique contents on GAZAR.

– Likes, Comments and Gifts for cheering up Streamers
Cheer up your favorite streamers and Cheer up game community!

– Game Strategy Channel for game tips and knowhows
Get access to popular games with the informative tips. Thousands of game articles are already available for free.Let’s talk about your favorite games.

– Your Game Play Broadcast to the mobile game lovers
Share your game play on mobile via live steaming and videos. You can easily become a streamer in your regular game play. Increase your followers and become a famous streamer.

Recommended environment for live streaming:
– OS version: Android 10 or above, RAM: 8GB or more.
Live streaming might be unstable when distributed in environment with lower specs than recommended ones.
There are possibilities that streaming can be unstable when distributed through Xiaomi and OPPO devices.GOOGLEPLAY APK


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