Prisma3D – 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

Blender, Cinema4d, etc)

Mesh Modeling:
– Multiselect Objects, Faces or Points
– Transform Selected
– Extrude and Slice(Plane) Faces

Object Animation:
– Set and Remove Keyframes for any Object property
– Smooth Keyframe Interpolation

– Export to MP4
– Set custom Resolution (up to 1080p, 4k on fast devices)
– Save video to Cameraroll and share it
– Fast Rendering on the go

– Easy 3D navigation using multitouch
– Modeling Gizmos (Wireframe, Points)

Build custom 3d-Models (Planes, Cars, Houses, anything)

How people use this App:
– Creating 3d Intros and 3d Logos
– (VR) Virtual Reality Content
– 3D Modeling (similar to CAD)
– 3D Animation. GOOGLE PLAY


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