“The police officer as a” painting “fans will arrive before or Myaing”


MRTV 4 as a television actress art 0 arrivals and receive encouragement from the audience’s affection. Her engaging faces pass by pass and has been owned by the body, the outline male being surrounded shake fans are always open, open, candid and friendly relations with fans already one of the arts of 0.

She is the best character actor of “honey” big drama “sea forest” because of the character and fans both young and encouragement to begin this year. Star Awards 2018 with the television, she also holds Award for Best TV Series Actress Award.

She currently “” television “brown race” will be a movie actress in the film ‘s Volleyball Training preparations, urban school term, two decades studying the rod in his hand.

(8) up to the end of April I had the “third” Focus on the big television ထတ် grass Beautiful little boy in a man I have seen, but the police officer not to protect “painting” of the characters and the audience a chance to see the money, he said before the audience in .CeleGabar television are awaiting.


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