Vietnam defeat the player to make the first step out of the Fisher


Fan favorite Fulfill Myanmar Badminton Sport Fisher looks beautiful as well as personal skills because many national honor to be able to bring its duties predicament of so many people who surround her. She was a competitive contest Strenuous efforts of many medals for Myanmar latest Fulfill over the country.

Now, will visit Myanmar Badminton Fisher last July (25) Lagos International Badminton Classics 2019 competition held in Nigeria on Vietnam defeat the players dropped out of the competition factor. The competition in the global level (86) Fisher on a global level (61) along the Vietnamese players and match competition were swept out to defeat the first-level competition since rival dropped out of competition in the car.

Fisher has a score of 21-16, 21-16 (2) The first stage is already defeat appraise occasional defeats. Currently, Fisher of the International Olympic Committee’s program of Denmark (2) During the months of training and the international tournaments are known to go to contest.


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