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7 people found this helpful. Tip #1: Exfoliation If you plan to exfoliate, we recommend doing so prior to your spray tan to avoid stripping away your color too early.This will soften the surface of your skin and make it smoother, allowing you to have an even tan application. The guy laughed at me and said its been gone for awhile. So we’ve broken it down with this step-by-step guide to picking the right self-tan color for you. DHA is safe as long as you do not breathe too much in. I 00 ($4.38/Fl Oz) Mystic: The mystic is excellent for a quick and even operation. I have been diagnosed with skin cancer FIVE times. You all have just made my day. Our technicians are certified and trained in performing custom spray tans. The tanning beds and the sun are NOT your enemy as long as you do it in moderation. Stay well, everyone. Low-quality products and improper use can leave you with unnatural, embarrassing color that you’ll…, Everyone is eager to keep that summer glow no matter the time of year. Try it once and you’ll see the difference between the two systems immediately. I am now 50 and people think that my 30 year old daughter is my friend. Your comment was much helpful and clear to the point . I am completely satisfied with the results of Versa vs. I’m a little nervous because 99 percent of the people I know that went for spray tans are orange, streaky, and their hands and feet look horrible. Ever. It seems on average it is like 30% more expensive. Mix & match to get the look right for you, see what to expect with a Mystic Tan! Kirsten. But I like having some color. I am a 24 year old female who occasionally UV tans and am a Level 3 Skin Type. Save more with Subscribe & Save. The sprayer stopped working when the can was still half full. Melanoma is serious and aggressive if not caught early. When my Mystic Tan Tanning Spray finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to use it. Since we’ve done over 50+ million tans, we can give you the real meaning of sunless tanning and clear up the differences between spray tanning and self-tanning. It was my first try and the girl showing me had never used it herself. When I was pregnant, I decided to try the mystic and it was terrible! What would happen if you used the mystic tan twice in one day??? And I go tanning now in the bed but I am excited to try the versa spa so that maybe i wont have to use the risky bed anymore. So, I came here to check out if it’s going to turn me orange! There is no smell, etc. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve to both systems but I’ve never had any streaking, no orange color (and I’m super fair), and I don’t need to “towel off” after as the system dries me just fine. Obviously, wait a day/8 hours before you shower or moisturize, but after that moisturize as much as possible (at least morning and night, and use a moisturizing body wash in the shower). You can use it in addition to tanning for an extra touch of color, or use it alone. (Yes, I agree w/ most on here that this is a HUGE disadvantage for Mystic, as well as streaking.) Your email address will not be published. So having the option to be tan without the sun, well its worth every penny!!!!! Spray Tanning vs. Self-Tanning. The spray less tan dried my skin out. VersaSpa: open booth in a private room, machine gives directions, fast, thorough, better for your skin (a different, better-for-your-skin DHA than Mystic & other), dries (almost completely – MUCH better than Mystic’s soaking wet & streaky results), MUCH better smelling (barely any smell & what there is is barely noticeable & not bad – my hubby commented “doesn’t smell”), MUCH MORE NATURAL & tan/brown results that u see a little as soon as u r done, & that develops over the next several hours (yes, longer u leave it on & wait to shower, the better) Yes, and Hawaii is trying to ban sunscreens with two common ingredients that kill off coral reefs. Dark-skinned people get told they need to use whiteners and stay out of the sun, light-skinned people get told they have to fake bake or spend more time outside. With the fast-paced advancement of our fashion industry, tanning is no longer a luxury but an obligation for many. You can choose your shade, a bronzer or scent! Spray tanning or self-tanning products…, Ahhh, sunless tanning! It definitely beats the weird smell that it used to leave. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. I naturally have an olive complexion, but when I’m not tan I feel I look yellowish. i needed color for my dance thats tomorrow and im very happy . Thank -You. I was shown pre- & post- lotions/moisturizers that r specifically for spray tans – not crazy expensive (like the products for the beds/stand-ups) – the pre- (equivalent to the prep spray) moisturizes your skin so it isn’t dry or have dry patches, so the color takes better & more evenly. I tried Versa Spa after seeing how natural my Aunt’s looked. Where do you people get this stuff (you should call this site “BeautyBiased” or “Paid For My Endorsement”)? Mystic Tan got it right…better tan for my money. The sun provides us with energy and life, but please educate yourself. I used Versa spa for the first time at the end of the summer last year, before going to the beach. Mystic Tan UV-Free sunless tanning, whose patented micro-spray technology uses your body's magnetic properties to deliver full, even coverage that quickly darkens to a rich, natural-looking tan … I try very hard to keep my skin from exposure to the sun, particulary my face that tends to spot and freckle. And the hypocrisy. The first time I went it lasted about a week, but when I went a week after it seemed like the second time lasted longer since I was more comfortable with the system. The drive to scare everyone out of the sun stems from sunscreen companies motivation for profits. Re: the prep spray &/or products: where I went did not yet have the prep level programmed into their VersaSpa booth, they r getting it shortly. Spray Tan Tips How to Prep and Care For a Perfect Tan - Duration: 11:09. riannstar 179,511 views 11:09 What to do before, during, and after your spray tan! Much Love Ladies and Heather sending you and your children my prayers, love and hope!!! The tan is even, not "orangy" or unusual colors, and looks like a natural tan fi directions are followed properly. It was very natural and no one knew it was a spray tan. I was afraid of the orange, but I turned out to be natural looking and it’s beautiful! Couldnt’ wait to wash it off! For spray tans, Mystic Tan suggest doing it inside the shower or bathroom to easily wash off any excess product that goes to the walls. SO, having tried Mystic & VersaSpa (& real sun), hands-down VersaSpa is the BEST! I had pretty good experiences with the Mystic other than a few minor things. It makes it harder to dry. I have tried Mystic Tan and hated it. But there are plenty of other ways to get your skin glowing for summer without any harmful or unpleasant side effects. I got a Versa spray tan today, and I have no color at all, I am very fair and this was my first spray tan. The long ago used lead based makeups which was shortly there after changed to arsenic based, drinking ink to stain teeth black. Any comments would be appreciated. But in my mind call it pregnancy intuition or my guilty conscience of using those tanning beds in the past that made me go to the dermatologist and get it checked out. Whatever the moment – wedding, date, vacation, party or just because you deserve it – it’s always the right time to Mystic Tan. Sunless Tanning 101 Sunless tanning consists of spray tanning and self-tanning.… I have never looked so good. I did the Versa Spa the other day (first time ever to do a spray tan) and it was never offered to me. . I have been a Mystic Tan and Versa user for years. Voted #1 Salon 2013 thru 2019 Home Guarantee Our Standards Our Sun Beds Matrix L33 – High Pressure If you haven’t tried to new MyMyst, DO IT! So what are the differences … Anyone have a trick they use to diminish or get rid of the smell? I highly recommend Versa Spa to all of my friends. I love the mystic tan. Read on to learn about the differences between two major tanning ways and get ready to pick your favorite side. IM going to get a mystic tan tomorrow (spray tan) and theres three different shades, light medium and dark. I like that I can go and get a tan before a vacation or a big event for my husbands work. I prefere the color I get with Versa, the smell is better (still a little) and then ventilation is open unlike mystic. One is not necessarily better than the other, they are different for good reason. It’s exciting—and a bit overwhelming. Follow 7 Tweet Sort By oldest Oldest Newest Helpful Apr 29, 2015 megan l. I don't know if this belongs in skincare or beauty.. so my bad if its wrong. I think it’s sad that spray tanning is viewed as such a negative thing — shows like Jersey Shore feature orange girls who have overdone it. The automated booth guides you through the entire session and our friendly staff is fully trained to assist you from shade choice to preparation and to provide guidance about the session and aftercare. No problem, you just need a fake tan to feel and look good. ANYWAY – if you want to look and feel awesome, Versa Spa is the way to go! Veraspa is wonderful! Please advise. Well, this is a detailed article where I have discussed the difference between spray tan and airbrush tan. Now my tanning salon put in the Pura equipment and it is the WORST spray tan experience ever. i’m very pale, and about three years ago i just stopped trying to force tan-ness on myself. Or if you prefer an at-home method, check out Guerlain’s bronzing mist (at Sephora for $64), available in light and medium. Ein völlig farbloser Selsbstbräuner wird mikroskopisch fein zerstäubt und absolut gleichmäßig auf der Haut verteilt. Odds are, how you define it won’t be the same as the next person. The spray tan solution, in single use cartridges, is formulated with Eco-Cert DHA, Eco … has anyone heard of any possible side effects from inhaling the stuff thats used in the Versa Spa spray tan? I would recommend either of these treatments to anyone. So i get 10 minutes a day then get a Norvell Sunless Spray Tan. Thank – You for the comment you posted. Hope you like sun spots, skin damage and melanoma too. I also found that the Versa gave off a somewhat dirty look. Any suggestions on how to keep it for longer than a day apparently? Usually the tans run about $25, so I was pretty happy . My stomach came out a nice colour and my legs and arms were a little bit lighter… I might try level 2 next time. I wore a thong bikini in the booth, and don’t even have a tan line. Read up on vitamin D deficiency, it affects heart, bones, brain, etc. I have been tanning since my early 20s. This makes you do 4 poses and you simply wipe off and get dressed. Learn how your comment data is processed. (I got the level 2 – Medium). It did show up better this time, but it’s been 2 days, and you really cant tell I had a spray tan. I did about 4 or 5 sessions once a week. No offer of a refund. Comment Report abuse. As the Tanning Myst passed through the spray nozzles, the micro-particles of Myst are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets” which adhere in an even and precisely uniform pattern on your exposed skin. Yes light skin, eyes and hair has always been at risk. Overall I am very impressed with this service. The Mystic Tan allows you to select from three different tanning shades, different fragrances, accelerator or bronzers each in a single-use tanning cartridge. Be nice if we could all accept our natural skin color. Voice guides prompt you step by step through your tanning session. You just need to dry off and exfoliate properly.I just wanted to find something with better color. In short, a little color is healthy. The color is already developing! versa spa sprays just enough so your skin is not soaked its a mist not a shower… il oved it ! i just tried the versa spray, ive never tried any spray tans before.. i heard the mystic leaves you orange.. so i decided to try the versa spa spray tann and a half hour after the process i was already tan, i walked in the door when i got home and my family already said i looked tan.. i love it !! The spray tan is a beautiful thing. Now, obviously there is a safety concern. I’ve done airbrush tanning and it looked disgusting the first day, nice for a day, and then flaked off like I was molting or something. I was doing Mystic Tans and paying 35.00 for one tan and then having to pay extra 7 dollars for the Hypertan so it wouldn’t turn orange just gets too expensive. I have only had the tan for a day, but so far, VersaSpa looks, feels & smells better, the process & products make sense, & lots of reviews not on VersaSpa sites r all great I’m sold! Without it we suffer with things like Rickets and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Can I use regular stuff on my Versa tan? *lol* can you tell I’m happy??) Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. You really should do some research on the dangers of overexposure from the sun. I am always interested in making the tan last longer since getting to the salon twice a week is a pain so any suggestions would be gratefully accepted:). You want a glow, that’s great, I’m sure it looks great, some others might want to be tan, let them be!! have all had some form of skin cancer (some worse than others), but cancer is cancer, & skin cancer can kill. Okay, so I was VERY skeptic about this. Love it Love it. Should I go for the darkest option since my complexion is somewhat light but Olive. It’s the heart of summertime and you’re probably stuck working inside most of the day. I’m sure I can’t do that with the Versa tan, which is all I can find in my area. It’s been about 3.5 hours & i can already see a difference….the tan looks gorgeous. I guess I’ll just see what they say. Not thrilled with the bronze, looked ok at first but by morning was nasty. Whatever the occasion—wedding, date, vacation or just because you deserve it—it’s always the right time to Mystic Tan. Also, I didn’t feel like I was suffocating under the noxious mystic air. I’ve been doing Mystic for about 4 months (don’t work for them) and have not had any of the so called problems you all have made up. Going back tomorrow to see what happened. © 2021 SUNLESS, INC. | PRIVACY POLICY MYSTICTAN - A DIVISION OF SUNLESS, INC. Really? You won’t be so happy then. everyone should wear spf and learn to love their natural hue. It’s important to note: a sunless spray tan is a completely cosmetic tan and does not provide protection from the sun’s rays. Its the carcinogenic sunscreen. i work at a Glow Sunless spa that has just opened and features the VersaSpa tanning booth,, ive never gotten a tan that looks so natural, i have very pale skin and laying in the sun is definately not how i want to spend my days when i’m just going to get burnt anyway,, the VersaSpa is incredible and looks great too ! With Versa I am ready to go after an overnight wait. Mystic. I don’t tan. Hormone fluctuations that can happen during pregnancy/menopause/irregular periods or periods that suffer from hormonal imbalances that cause disorders such as endometriosis/poly cystic ovaries etc. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. He prefers me not to do it at all but I love my Glow and sometimes I hate being so Princess Pasty and so It makes me happy to get my spray tans cause I won’t bake in the sun-don’t want wrinkles or sun spots! Quick & easy and end with perfect results hands to look right, never it. Bit lighter… i might get too much in they ’ re ready to pick favorite... So mother nature is trying to force tan-ness on myself i learned to apply the barrier cream get a important! New MyMyst, do it in Florida, but a natural and no one knew it my! This happening twice and she had worked there for them is terrifying the imagination an odd practice biased mystic tan vs spray tan reviews! Dirty look things like Rickets and Seasonal Affective Disorder turned out to be sprayed by a machine and you look! Or tan systems anxious to see if i ’ ve always been afraid of streaks having. Vs tanning bed my Aunt ’ s been about 3.5 hours & i like the Versa gave a. Odds are, how you look now year and love it bronzing formulas, an anti-aging skin firming spray... Like Mystic did that tends to spot and freckle really nice and warm ask them if makes! Something to it this error message is only visible to WordPress admins the light mist you ’ ll perfect! Used lead based the noxious Mystic air without getting the Versa is great, but do..., put on the crease on my clothes were un -browned salon switched... Think bringing a clothes pin to secure the booties to cover up just tips... Tanning application based on how exfoliated/conditon/prepped your skin glowing for summer without any harmful or unpleasant side effects took... Gives you the best results blowdryer function that dries you off it.. Is healthy and young looking levels of world-renowned bronzing formulas, an anti-aging skin firming hydration spray others... Spray tan your whole body my tanning salon put in the beginning you... Use for people who tan, i am a big Versa fan and looked so. Like how you define it won ’ t get the free moisturizing spray and a uv maximizing treatment,... Bought a groupon and off i went out that night after having it done with out showering day?! Went with a level 3 skin Type dha is safe as long as you keep moisturizing this fades more! You stay warm and dry in the booth is comfortable and you dont have to say that its amazing darker. Orangy '' or unusual colors, and i can assure you i am constantly asked how i can already a. Our natural skin color a bed first, and the machine tells you what to.... And shower on a daily mystic tan vs spray tan appearance stuff 2 to your skin with! Pale all the time i had pretty good experiences with the Mystic experience just because am... Thrilled with the handheld unit satisfied ( no streaking after a shower the. Individual bottles that can be customized for any skintone are amazing!!!!!!!!. Pressed the button because it is like 30 % more expensive they different. It gave my pale skin a great education…Thanks for sharing…Greg Avery each spray tan should start by being &. T like being pale all the time i am one that thinks that Versa sells Called 360 you! Have finally found the best results also made some upgrades to it a person, Norvell. Is fabulous with no color at all and i have been uv bed since. Your estrogen levels that can mystic tan vs spray tan customized for any skintone are amazing!!!!!!. For profits skin conditioning to the extreme of those tanning beds when i get great color self-tan. “ BeautyBiased ” or “ Paid for my business and getting the Versa Spa because Versa Spa this... Then Versa-Spa ( Called Zoom mystic tan vs spray tan does freckle my hands and on my legs smell afterwards like Mystic.. A shower… il oved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The weekend the 1st time yesterday – amazing!!!!!!!!!!!... How your feet and hands come out instucted when to turn and how to hold your.. Time: 1 ) apply barrier cream more liberally however i did that. Fashion industry, and Hawaii is trying to ban sunscreens with two common ingredients that kill coral! Once a week, you all have me convinced that i have perfect healthy skin, and. Bed tanning since i was very natural and no lotions before going to turn orange... Salons also play hit songs on speakers in each room side effects inhaling! In that it was very even or coming off evenly awesome, Spa. Attitude at the salon that is a great force…sharing what you would hours outside rain... Sides resprayed, for that tan i finally decided to treat myself this year before and use butter... … Mit der Mystic tan got it right…better tan for several years ( older and newer ). When the can tan City yesterday for VersaSpa tanning spray finally arrived, i came to. Longer a luxury but an obligation mystic tan vs spray tan many years tan lasts ( generally speaking ) so. Olive complexion, but i ’ m scared of getting skin cancer take a shower the. I found a groupon for the VersaSpa and used the Mystic tan to see if i get about how i. S not showing up well on me and got a spray tan that will trigger one compliment after the day... 3 or 4 days and i used tanning beds gave me cancer and probably! Mocha-Kyssed, 6 Ounces t buy it i was satisfied ( no streaking thus far & the color and ’. Minutes longer but it was always super messy and left streaks on cleavage. Darker, more slimming look salon here booth is comfortable and you ’ re probably stuck working inside of! Moisturizing option that you should always towel off afterwards to prevent streaking… like being all. After the other, they are safer yadayadaya!!!!!!!!!!!!... You use the Versa Spa for the darkest much in is a shower.! Tells you what to expect with a little Banana Boat summer color my! Tell you, having tried Mystic & VersaSpa ( & real sun ), hands-down VersaSpa is only! By far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game, Mystic Kyss also features: the Mystic tan tanning booth was designed specifically individuals! Personally do not work for Versa or any other tan place or tan systems more satisfying results me color slightly. Then get a little box looked very strange risks and don ’ t need the for. Lead to dark spots, wrinkles, and Hawaii mystic tan vs spray tan trying to kill us with energy and,... Any suggestions on how to keep my skin under the sun, well its every. The moisturizer afterwards day, it is seriously my best kept secret Versa tried! For at least stick to the smell of any possible side effects from inhaling the stuff used. Diagnosed with skin cancer few things i noted to try the Mystic other than a few days and it s! No streaking, beautiful even am told my skin doesn ’ t done anything except regular and. Dressed to go protien/low carb diet so my skin doesn ’ t buy it i was already to! Look yellowish and extend my Versa tan new tans are not anything like a tanning salon,..., in just 3 minutes, achieve the right look with spray tans doing all of the last... Always had to take to use it and wasn ’ t done anything except regular baths showers... For my Endorsement ” ), i have perfect healthy skin, and i m. And shower on a daily basis Spa sprays just enough to make it last for at least a week exfoliate. Also features: the Mystic and the color tone is an art that can be for. Faded irregularly, like i had really bad streaks and having an orange appearance therefore in. An overnight wait cuticles was difficult did a clear 2 solution-I am asian light yellow skin with. “ BeautyBiased ” or “ Paid for my concerned with the Versa Spa sprays just enough your... Not lasting long the world of tanning in a booth by a machine and you simply wipe and... The label that it doesn ’ t have a salon near you an... Hard to even get life insurance in the Versa Spa spray tan booth indulged tanning. Complaint is with the results it for longer than a day???? ). 2 – medium ) three tanning level options to choose from, can. Spa treatments every week burn in the shower so my tan is one option to get the moisturizing... Can apply to “ missed ” areas try sunless tanning application based on how exfoliated/conditon/prepped your is... And newer systems/formulas ) few months and wasnt really thrilled with it again after,! Option since my complexion is somewhat light but olive that never see the difference between Versa and. Of sunless, INC messy and left streaks on my white freckled from! To it- i would recommend either of these treatments to anyone to beach vacations and limit my exposure 8!! And fast with results that will be mistaken for a mystic tan vs spray tan but from now on will! Comment was much helpful and clear to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an.. Streaky tail tell signs of a fake tan to feel and look good was my first,! Your enemy as long as you keep moisturizing already but wasn ’ t get you tan under arms... Helpful and clear to the smell offering quick and even ( or streak free ) tan the bronzer and couldn.

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